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Author Veera Venkat R.M.Y. was one of the happiest persons in the world till 9/11. He has an MBA in travel and tourism apart from other educational qualifications. He has a lot of practical experience in many fields – he was a small time hotelier for twenty-seven years in India, worked in the movie industry for three years and was involved with about thirty-eight Indian films, had experience in food business and trading, and was also a full-time member of the police force.  All these experiences really helped him a lot when all of a sudden he turned into a writer after 9/11. SuddenlRead More...


9/11- seize-5

Books by Veera Venkat R.M.Y

A super swift train, with 1500 passengers and 250 staff, running at a mind-blowing speed of 1200 KMPH, which can neither be stopped nor slowed, is seized for a ransom of a trillion dollars.

When a strong negative force like terrorism is at large, God always creates an equal or superior positive force.

Join this positive journey against terrorism, and you’ll be guaranteed with a stream of solutions for global emancipation, peace and prosperity.

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