Venkatesh Athreya

Venkatesh Athreya is a chartered accountant with twenty years of successful corporate experience. His life changed for better when he discovered that his life purpose and passion was to help people grow and become the best version of themselves.

He is the founder of path2selfgrowth and works with youth, millennials, individuals who are in the mid-career stage and homemakers. He has been coached by some amazing people—Nicholas Lore (Career Scientist and Founder, Rockport Institute), Chad Hall (MCC and President, Coach Approach Ministries), Allan Dib (Rebellious Marketer and #1 Bestselling Author of 1-Page Marketing Plan), BJ Fogg (Stanford University and Founder, Tiny Habits Academy), Michael Gerber (Small entrepreneur guru and author of many best-selling books), Antano and Harini (School of Excellence), Gallup, MBTI to name a few. He has been trained in a few niche areas that include positive psychology, meaning and values, mindfulness and gratitude.

This book is designed to help people develop new awareness, take action and maintain consistency to achieve bigger goals in their life.



50 Secrets to a Fantastic Life and Career

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You are destined to be your best version, utilizing your maximum potential to make a difference to this world and yourself.

Though we are the most intelligent species in this world capable of creating almost anything, we are the most wasted resource. We are in a world characterized by a rat race, layoffs, avoidable diseases, living somebody else’s life, thereby missing the fun of living a holistic life.

The fifty secrets in this book

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