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Venkatesh S

Venkatesh S is a Human Resources professional with strong leadership qualities in handling and leading hundreds of blue and white collar employees in large organisations and has also been involved in various leadership roles right from his college days. The responsibilities he handled both as a titled and non-titled leader is venerable. Not only is he experienced in leading people at different levels, he is also a continuous researcher on leadership and inspiration subjects. He did a lot of research on leadership and inspiration by travelling a lot in India to study and assess various current business and non-business leaders’ leadership approaches in lives and the track record of all failures and successful practice. This helps him to write and impart training for people on those subjects. Venkatesh regularly visits educational institutes and corporations to train/speak on leadership topics to make people act as leaders and inspire those around them. Venkatesh loves people and that’s his life mantra. He is also the co-founder of Marvel leadership India, a non-profit organisation committed to spreading leadership wisdom to the rural and underprivileged persons. 


Rise to Lead You

Books by Venkatesh S

The book is the collection of key experiences and lessons that teach effective self-leadership which are finely crafted and compiled into a book. Rise to Lead You: Self-Leadership Section of Leading Self and Others concept is an immersive look into the core of self-realization, spirituality, and self-actualization. This developmental book explores all aspects of self-leadership and how it intertwines with a joyful and fulfilled life.
The book is a compen

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Just Reminding You…

Books by Venkatesh S

Just Reminding You… is an attempt against what you have been constantly hearing from many self-help gurus – to get your self-improvement materials to develop yourself in certain areas or to handle the problem that you have in life. This is not another how-to book that tells you to ‘do this you will be successful and happier’. Rather, this book will serve you as a friendly reminder of your good self for your well-being. The author has put great

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Leading Self and Others

Books by Venkatesh S

Many have this question-whether a leader is born or made. Actually neither is true, a leader is one who chooses to become one. Whether you are a student working on a new project or involved in a sports team, a graduate looking for a coveted job in your dream organization, an entry/ middle level employee or c-suite officer wanting to progress in your career, you need to successfully develop and project leadership traits to accomplish the common goal. In this co

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