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Victor D'Monte

Based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Rev. Victor D'Monte has committed his life to fulfil the call that God placed upon him. Having founded the Adonai Ministries in 1986, Rev. D'Monte holds the position of Senior Pastor at the Adonai Church. Along with a Ministry Team, he and his wife, Annie, work together ministering to those who are emotionally, physically and spiritually broken. They have travelled extensively, bringing the message of Healing and Deliverance to Churches, organisations, and to many people across India and Overseas. Rev. D'Monte is also the author of the books 'Satan and his kingdom Exposed?’ and ‘Discerning of Spirits and False Prophets’, and has also authored a workbook entitled ‘Keys to Victorious Living’.


विजयी जीवन जीने की चाबीयाँ

Books by विक्टर डी ’ मॉन्टी

“विजयी जीवन जीने की चाबीयाँ ” यह एक कार्यपुस्तक जो विश्वासियों को मसीहत जीवन मे परिपक्व होने मे सक्षम करेगी। इस कार्यपुस्तक को एक साधन के तौर पर बनाया गया है, जो कि अगुवो को प्

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Keys to victorious living

Books by Victor D’monte

‘Keys to Victorious Living’ is a workbook that enables Believers to become mature Christians. This workbook is designed as a tool to equip Leaders to effectively disciple others. Discipleship must be about transformation of character and also the transference of ability. Jesus demonstrated this with His twelve Disciples; they were transformed by the teaching of Jesus concerning the Kingdom. Later on, these Disciples were design

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Discerning of spirits


We live in a day where people are searching for supernatural experiences. This has led to a lot of deception, both in the World as well as within the Church. Not only did Jesus warn His disciples concerning false prophets, but the first century Apostles also warned the Church of these prophets and teachers who went about deceiving sincere Christians.

The need of the hour is to be spiritually alert, so that we don’t fall victim to deception. Discer

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Satan and His Kingdom Exposed!

Books by Victor D’Monte

Every Christian needs to have a clear understanding of the work of Satan and demons, and their legal defeat at Calvary. We will never be able to walk in our God given authority until and unless we know who the enemy is, and how he has been defeated. We trust this book will be an encouragement and a source of inspiration to you.

Colossian 2:15 (NIV) “And having disarmed the powers and authorities, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over

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