Vidya Anand

Vidya Anand is a computer engineer, presently managing home and her twins. She lives in Chennai with her family. She had been a complete workaholic for almost eight years. Break from work gave her ample time to explore her creativity. She started writing as a pastime; a habit that soon turned into a passion. She writes fan fictions and short stories on blogs and different forums during her free time. She has also been a part of an anthology titled The Unbreakable You. Though romance is her favorite genre, she likes to experiment and explore other genres, such as thriller, fantasy and romantic comedies. Whatever be the genre, she loves a happily-ever-after conclusion for every story. You can reach her on twitter @Devamrith. Read More...

When Shadows Turn Dark

Books by Vidya Anand

Anirudh is clouded with the mysteries of a past life, which he relives through his nightmares. Though his logical mind denies it, he sets out to unravel the secrets about the girl in his dreams, Chitrangada, and her brutal death.

His friends, Madhav and Trisha, support him through his inner battle.

In another part of the world, Sanjana and Abhimanyu are happy in their lives, quite unaware that they are also destined to become a part of this cryptic

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