Vigneswaran Chandran

Vignes Chandran is a free-spirited director of corporate real estate who finds joy discovering the world through activities such as hiking, diving and exploring ancient civilizations. To date he has visited 80 different countries across the globe and aspires to explore all the nations within the foreseeable future. His other areas of interest include spirituality, history and of course writing, which has always been a passion of his. ‘Mahabharata – The Eternal Epic in Short Stories’ is his first published work, a result of his ambition to make the story of the Mahabharata morRead More...


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Books by Vignes Chandran

Ever wondered why Shiva carries a venomous snake around his neck or has the crescent moon perched on his head? Or perhaps, you have heard fables of the fascinating Third Eye of Shiva, and are eager to learn more about its origin and significance?

Why do people whisper into the ears of Nandi? How did the demon king, Raavana, emerge as such a devout bhakta of the Mahadeva? Or interestingly, have you heard of the name Jalandhara, the often-overlooked son o

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Siddhartha Gauthama

Books by Vignes Chandran

Ever wondered who exactly was the Buddha, also known by his birth name – Siddhartha Gauthama? 

Was he in reality a charming prince named Siddhartha; destined to become the greatest monarch of all time? Or was there truth in the tales of a wandering ascetic called Gauthama who was in pursuit of the ultimate truth?  

Was he the most recent incarnation of the great Hindu god Vishnu? Or as legends state, was he the Enlightened One, and one of the

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Books by Vignes Chandran

Ever wanted to read the Mahabharata but never ended up finishing the epic due to the sheer size of the story or the numerous characters that simply overwhelm?

Have you always been curious of who the Pandavas actually were and why the Kauravas hated them so much until they resorted to deception and deceit to get rid of their cousins?

Was Arjuna actually the greatest archer of all time? Or was it only because of favourable circumstances that Arjuna

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