Vijay ‘Krishna’

The President of the Kriya Yoga Mission India and an immensely popular teacher in a renowned school in India, Mr. Vijay Bahadur Singh – pen name Vijay 'Krishna' – is an outstanding exponent of The Bhagavad Gita and of kriya yoga. He is an enthusiastic practitioner of kriya yoga meditation and conducts kriya yoga meditation retreats and workshops for willing individuals and groups.


Success reinforces our thoughts and actions, but failure forces a man to self-introspect, explore and experiment further. Having failed to crack the prestigious IAS exam, Mr. Singh suffered self-doubt, fear of failure and frustration. However, this failure set him on a new discovery. He studied the personality and behavior of successful aspirants of various competitive examinations and leaders in various fields to formulate a success system, a set of success attributes that would guarantee success in all human endeavors.


Awaken the Superman within through the Science of Self - empowerment

Books by Vijay ‘Krishna’

Do you want to enjoy a place of pride globally by unravelling and utilizing your physical, intellectual and spiritual resources?

Do you want to bridge the wide gap between your grand ambitions and ordinary achievements?

Do you want to attain self-mastery and live longer and happier?

Do you want to remove the hurdles that weaken your powers, dwarf your personality and stunt your personal and professional growth?

Do you want to ov

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