Viji Hari

Public Speaker, Blogger, Expert on Preventing Sexual Harassment And Diversity
Public Speaker, Blogger, Expert on Preventing Sexual Harassment And Diversity

Viji Hari is the Founder of CecureUs. She an expert on Sexual Harassment, Diversity & Inclusion and Mental Wellness. She has helped leading organisations to create safe and harmonious workplaces. She is a speaker, columnist and also, the author of BCC: Behind Closed Cubicles. CecureUs works towards creating a safe space to discuss and seek therapy with mental health experts on [link removed]. Get in touch with Viji at [link removed].Read More...


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Break the Taboo

Books by Viji Hari

It’s okay to seek help!

Break the Taboo empowers you with essential knowledge about common mental health conditions like work-stress, anxiety, OCD, parenting/relationship issues, addiction and more. It contains a set of short real-life stories on counselling narrated by senior psychologists. The book shows how timely identification and treatment through counselling and therapy have helped people in several organisations.

It answers vital questi

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The Double Loop

Books by Akhil Gokul

Precious treasure is stolen from an antique museum!

Will Detective X come to the rescue?

The thief is a mastermind and to reach him the detective needs to solve several interesting puzzles.

Will the detective clear the mystery trail to catch the notorious Thief?

Find out as you flip the pages of The Double Loop, a nail-biting mystery filled with puzzles,

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BCC: Behind Closed Cubicles

Books by Viji Hari

'You look gorgeous, Honey!'

'I love you from the bottom of my heart.'

'It was only a joke; you should learn to enjoy!'

Sounds common, right? But what happens when these words are spoken in the wrong place and in the wrong tone?

BCC, demonstrates, through a collection of short stories, how such apparently harmless statements have impacted people at the workplace. The short stories are based on real life sexual

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