Vikas J. Bhatti

Vikas Bhatti has joined Computer Science Engineering in 2009 from Kurukshetra Uni. Kurukshetra (HRY). He did under-graduate from hometown Bhiwani. During Engineering session he got impressed by the work of Mr. Chetan Bhagat and try his hand in writing. He has a collection of short stories and poetries. His first book will launch in 2015.

Your Tears Are My Problem

Books by Vikas J. Bhatti

In Western countries, you love someone and someone loves you – that’s all that matters. Then you are free to marry.

In Arab countries, you love someone and someone loves you. Then you are dead.

In India, you love someone and someone loves you*.

* Conditions apply:

Both families should accept your love.

Natives should accept your love.

Friends should accept your love.

Neighbours should accept your love.

The neighbour’s dog, cattle, their family, their natives and native’s dog, cattle and so on should accept your love.

If everyone accepts then you can marry. Hello! What about caste? Now the main issue is that, if you want a love marriage, then find a lover from your own caste.

The solution then is: Marry wherever and with whoever your parents want or


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