Vikram Bhatti

Vikram Bhatti is an economics graduate from Loyola College, Chennai. He is a storyteller at heart, filmmaker by choice and an artist by default. He writes poetry in rhyme, makes collages in spare time, digs history and philosophy, and regards humour as amongst the finest attributes of culture. He lives in Mumbai.  Reach the Author at  Read More...


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The Sellout Nation

Books by Vikram Bhatti

A humorous account of the Republic of Bharatpur, which is infamous for its poverty and potholes, and is home to a billion Locals. However, unknown to the Locals, the Republic is about to have a million dollar makeover, all thanks to newly signed ‘Open Your Door Policy’ and the generosity of two international visitors, Mr. George W. Push and Miss Pamela Lewinsky, the President and the First Lady Secretary of the global superpower USK.

Their mission is

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