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Vikram Gill

Vikram is a 40-year-old dreamer and doer. His humble beginnings from a small town (Sonipat,Haryana), instilled in him a strong sense of integrity and communal service. But this small-town start could not diminish his indomitable spirit or his appetite to succeed. Through grit and hard work, Vikram made his way to a Singapore-based global corporate organization, where he is now a well-respected person and a thought leader. When he is not strategizing an ever-growing client portfolio, he channels his daily experiences, emotions and life lessons into soul-awakening poetry. His talent portfolio coRead More...


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Ibaarat (Composition) is a collection of ghazals written by Vikram Gill. In this book, the poet shares his life lessons and bares his soul. The daily experiences, trials, emotions and anecdotes form the basis of his poems through which he can eloquently express his situation or circumstance that do not otherwise allow him to. There are recurrent themes of compromise, sacrifice, delayed understanding and ultimate acceptance across the poems that are not very di

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