Vikram Kalkat

This is Vikram Kalkat’s second book of poems. Other than poetry, the author has also written books and whitepapers on business topics. The author continues to experiment with poetry that is based around simple observations of daily life and uses a style that is very easy to follow. The author has written this book over several years, and like his other works, this is a reflection of his travels across the world. The poems reflect his interest in varied subjects that include meditation, history, daily walks of life and related topics all with a similar theme stringing around the subtlety Read More...


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Poems for the Journey

Books by Vikram Kalkat

Poems for the Journey is a string of poems reflecting the journey of life. The poetry will spirit you across a variety of thoughts and observations that many would come across in their daily lives. Often, in the fast pace of life, a lot of these observations are either overlooked or lost in brief thoughts, they stay embedded our subconscious, though. The book can provide guidance and new meaning to a subject at various levels as per person’s moods a

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Digital Spine

Books by Vikram Kalkat & Reto Gruenenfelder

This is a business strategy for the digital era. It’s all about identifying the business drivers of digital revolution that’s happening all around us.


As digitisation takes hold of developed economies and new companies, business trends are appearing all around us. These trends are putting to question conventional wisdom and business models of companies that have thrived for decade

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