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Vinayak Nadkarni

'So, tell me about yourself.' said he.

'Who the fu.. Who are you?' I asked.

'Your alter ego,' said he, 'bro.'

'Phew! Isn't it lame to be interviewed by your own voice inside the head?' I asked.

'Hell ya; but not lamer than writing your own author bio in the third person,’ he grunted, ‘now, quickly tell me about yourself.'

'Well, on Tuesdays and Fridays I am suicidal but on Mondays and Saturdays I believe that I can beat the Lannisters.'

'Psst. By quietly mentioning GoT you won't look cool. Tell me something substantial for the readers to know more about you, we are running out of space.'


'Okay,’ said I, ‘I am an aspiring artist trapped inside an engineer's body. I belong to Hubli, Karnataka. I have been previously published by Penguin India and Story Mirror (online). Readers can read the sample stories of this book on the journey begin.’


Why So Twisted?

Books by Vinayak Nadkarni

Life is unexpected in every sense. We cannot choose or predict the paths in our lives, and that is what makes it exciting. Why So Twisted? is an anthology of 12 contemporary short stories that carry a simple and enjoyable theme, for which all have an innate ability to excite and surprise the reader with an unexpected twist towards the end.

This anthology features the already popular story, Flirting in which a woman nonchalantly flirts

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