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Vinayak Nair

Vinayak Nair is a computer engineer from Mumbai University. Currently working in a private firm, he is a confused and stressed software developer turned author. He used to write his stories after reaching home from hectic office schedules created by today's office trends and amazing managers which gradually inspired him to write this book.  He is a passionate writer and blogger. You can find his blogs on He can be contacted through email: vinayaknairv@gmail.comRead More...

Ways to Kill Your Manager Mentally and Physically

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Hi readers,

I am busy working in an IT firm for days and nights.
Frustrated all day and not even thinking about Saturdays and Sundays because, even that sucks for me!
You lose your sleep and health when you are stressed and frustrated all the time.
So in order to get out of this situation, I thought about killing him.
As I smashed my keyboard on his face choked him down using my mouse wire, I started wondering… Wait!

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