Vinit Chowdhary

Born in Kolkata and brought up in Hyderabad. Vinit Chowdhary comes from a humble background. With a career span of over eight years in the corporate sector,Vinit loves listening to music, watching Japanese Anime and browsing the internet. This is his debut Novel.  Email address: vinitsahaji@gmail.comRead More...



Books by Vinit Chowdhary

Scientists are dropping like dead flies; but as natural as their deaths may seem, there certainly is something fishy. Akash Malhotra, a dedicated policeman, is hot on the trails of what he identifies as suspicious. One thing leads to another and Akash finds an interesting piece in the puzzle after he is taken off the case; but the journalist who tips him off is killed.

His investigation takes him deeper into the case, but soon, he is killed too. Enter Sh

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