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Vinod D. Shah, Ph.D

The author, Vinod D. Shah, is a chemical engineer with education at UDCT (now ICT) at Mumbai, University of Michigan and Wayne State University in USA, for a Master’s and PhD respectively. Upon his arrival in India, he became an entrepreneur and industrialist.  He was one of the pioneers in India, competing with multi-national companies, offering water treatment chemicals in India. 


Vinod spent his early years in a small village in Gujarat on the banks of the Sabarmati River. Water fascinated him, specifically during times of flood, when the river saw no bounds.


A view of rivers while travelling in a train gave Vinod a soul-touching experience. The biggest excitement was when Vinod, at the age of fourteen years, saw a vast expanse of sea during a visit to Mumbai. The love for water took deep roots.


After three years of research on the diverse aspects of water, Vinod compiled a work on the structural and mystical properties of water as is evident in this book. Being a nature lover, he has travelled far and wide, and has developed a hobby collecting rocks and minerals, some of which are quite rare.


Fluid Thoughts-Water

Books by Vinod D. Shah, Ph.D

When you search for ‘water’ on Google, you get little less than 3 billion hits. When you do the same thing with ‘earth’, you get a little over 1 billion hits. Rightfully so, because water occupies nearly 75% of Earth’s surface. Perhaps no other substance comes near water. Water is ubiquitous. So why one more book on water? Water is the best gift of nature to the world.

Water has been held in the highest esteem by humanity since times immemorial

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