Vir Singh

Dr Vir Singh is a professor of environmental science and the Director of Communication at GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Uttarakhand, India. He has been actively engaged in teaching and research in the Himalayas, and at the main campus of the university for more than three decades. He has published forty-two books and numerous articles. Though most of his work focuses on mountain agroecology, he takes keen interest in philosophy, art and literature as well. He dabbled in journalism for over fifteen years and contributed articles to a variety of newspapers, magazines and journals on vital social, cultural, ecological and developmental issues. Travelling extensively, he has tasted several cultures in the Himalayas, South Asia, Europe and in the West. He is fascinated by and intensively pursues the Skolimowskian eco-philosophy and cosmic philosophy. Resurgence of poetry, according to the author, is necessary for humanity, for total liberation and for acquiring holistic freedom, becoming the means to spread beauty, restore sanity, glory and fullness of life on earth.


The Speaking Stones

Books by Vir Singh

The Israel you do not know has all the worth you cannot refrain from knowing. The State of Israel encompasses all the worth a beautiful and a vibrant civilization on Earth could be expected of. Blossoming with stupendous culture, the Holy Land of Israel is the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Life in its fullness, beauty on its climax, intrinsic virtues full of aesthetic fragrance – Israel is just incredible and inscrutable. The lands, the waters, the airs and th

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Books by Vir Singh

Lovecology is about nature, beauty and love – the very essence of a joyful and creative life. Poetry is the elixir of love – an elixir that makes love eternal. Love is not neutral and unconcerned. Love grows out of beauty, and beauty, out of nature. Nature, beauty and love coexist inseparably and cohesively, making life full of grace, joy and hope. Lovecology expresses this vital life-enhancing relationship through romantic poems composed

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