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Viswaprasad Raju

Advertising Professional & Travel Sketch Artist
Advertising Professional & Travel Sketch Artist

Viswaprasad Raju is an advertising professional and a travel sketch artist based in Hyderabad. This is his second book, his first - Via Pen & Ink  - is a collection of travel sketches spanning ten countries.Read More...


Books by Viswaprasad Raju

Notes & Posts,

as the Lockdown 20 unfolded.

Between Lockdown 1.0 & Lockdown 5.0

Between Sameness & Randomness

Between Essentialness & Obliviousness

Between March & May

Between Heat & Warmth

Between Seafood & Mangoes

Between Betweenness

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Via Pen & Ink

Books by Viswa Prasad

On a weekend trip to Tadoba, a tiger reserve in Maharashtra, i got back to travel sketching under a mango tree along the Tadoba Lake

From then on, i have been sketching everywhere i go, immersing myself in capturing a moment or a place amid the Chaos and sometimes, the calm through pen, paper and colors


Via Pen & ink 10 years, 10 countries, one whimsical book

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