Vivek Vijayan Born on January 4, 1986, he completed schooling in 2004 and started his true quest for knowledge and learnt astrology for five years under the able guidance of his maternal grandfather, Sri K. G. Warrier. In 2009, he upped the ante and learnt the Veda and Upanishad from Kottakkal Narayanan; an erudite scholar. Numerous of Vivek’s works are featured in contemporary Malayalam literary forums. An avid reader and a movie buff, he is active in social platforms like Quora, Facebook and Youtube and is at present translating SMRITIPARVAM; his paternal grandfather, Padmabhushan Dr. Read More...


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This will certainly get your blood pumping if you are in the mood for crime!

This thriller, set in the scenic settings of Kerala, transcends the conventional concepts of a hero and a villain and is painted in its entirety with shades of grey. As the author rips through the facade of the colourful state, he describes the heights of lawlessness that loom over the state and the world of crime that is no longer limited only to the hardened criminals.  

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I Want to Die...I Want to Live

By VIVEK VIJAYAN in Life Journey | Reads: 6,778 | Likes: 30

The winds rushed past my ears as I soaked in the picturesque view from the rooftop of my apartment complex. I swayed like a buoy at the precipice of the building or metaphorically, my life, as it was all about to come crashing down. I wanted it to be the last thing I see in this world. I looked at m  Read More...

Published on Jun 26,2022 12:01 PM

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