Brian Almeida

Marketing practitioner, with specialisation in customer strategy, loyalty, insights and CRM
Marketing practitioner, with specialisation in customer strategy, loyalty, insights and CRM

  Walter Vieira has spent 14 years as a corporate executive with leading multi-nationals. He has accrued 33 years of experience as a management consultant with multinationals, large Indian conglomerates, medium-sized businesses, central and state governments, NGOs, and the social sector. He pioneered marketing consultancy in India and has engaged extensively in training and counselling corporations on cross-cultural issues in global marketing. More, he engaged in the management of NGOs. He has worked for more than 30-years across countries and cultures: from the USA and Europe to AfricaRead More...


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Marketing in a Digital & Data world

Books by Walter Vieira, Brian Almeida

"In this book, Vieira and Almeida have leveraged their extensive knowledge bases and their experiences to comprehensively address the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and executives when they introduce an idea to market in today’s digital world.  While focused on the world of start-ups, this book provides executives in all contexts an in-depth look into the complexities underlying the rapidly changing world of marketing and business in which we live.  Vie

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Become an Entrepreneur

Books by Walter Vieira

In India, and even world wide, companies are expanding, but trying to do this with less people. Government, which used to be the biggest employer-is downsizing. There is greater use of technology to reduce the number of employees.

Where will the millions of young men and women, who join the work force every year, go? If they do not find gainful employment, there will be social tensions and unhappiness all round.

ENTREPRENEUR is a book to motivate

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