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Wazir Singh Poonia

An engineer-turned-lawyer Wazir Singh Poonia has broad and extensive experience in various walks of life. He graduated as a Textile Engineer (B.Text) from T.I.T, Bhiwani (Haryana) in 1980. After having a successful career as an engineer he ventured into textile business, after doing his P.G.D.B.A from Annamalai University. He always had a keen interest in the socio-political developments of the day which inspired him to learn the law of the land. In his pursuit of excellence he did his masters in law (LL.M) from Kurukshetra University. He is currently practicing law in District court, Hisar.Read More...


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जातिविहीन भारत

Books by वज़ीर सिंह पूनिया

जातिविहीन भारत एक ऐसा विचार है जिसका सपना हमारे संविधान निर्माताओं ने देखा था। ऐसा लग सकता है कि एक सपना जितना दूर है, भारत को सामाजिक, आर्थिक और राजनीकि जीवन में जाति को एक अप्रा

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Casteless India

Books by Wazir Singh Poonia

Casteless India is an idea dreamt by the framers of our constitution. As far-fetched a dream, it may seem, the necessity of making caste an irrelevant denominator in the social, economic and political life of India cannot be overstated. Despite a number of reforms initiated by successive governments nationally and across states, the overall efforts seem half-hearted, rudderless and often working at cross-purposes with one another.

This book is an effort

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