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Woo Der Yuan

Hi my name is as above, Woo Der Yuan and I am 13 this year... Yay! I am writing a story for the contest so if u haven't yet, please go ahead and vote. This is my first time writing for a contest so please give me the support and encouragement to improve and also to write more in the near future. I hope you enjoy my story and have a great time! Read More...

Chase - The Chamber

By Woo Der Yuan in Thriller | Reads: 14,715 | Likes: 0

Just like every other day, Chase watched his parents going off to work as he got ready for school. His grandfather had constantly remarked at the majestic beauty of Earth but Chase and his grandfather could never meet eye to eye. His grandfather had said the Earth was green but no matter how hard C  Read More...

Published on Sep 8,2017 08:42 PM

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