Winifred E Shetty

The author is an Anglo-Indian by birth and of Indo-French-Portuguese roots. She has written and published several short stories in Femina and Women’s Era, a short story named Stone House in More Voices on the Verandah (A CTR Publishing Co, New Jersey) and The Gold Plated Leg posted online via She has self-published a book titled Boarding School Buddies. An avid reader widely travelled around India and overseas. She is currently working on a book based on her genealogical roots.Read More...


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Books by Wyn La Bouchardiere

A heady mix of paranormal tales from India to give the reader goose-bumps, handed down verbally from generation to generation.

Supernatural sightings of female demons, disguised as lovely women, set out to lure unsuspecting young men to their death. Reincarnated spirits born again, ghostly apparitions of dead relatives, haunted houses, grave robbers and spooks arising from their tombs at the stroke of mid-night, local superstition and myths form part o

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