Chennai, India

Yaagneshwaran Ganesh is an eternal optimist, a well-known speaker and a marketing enthusiast. He coaches and mentors marketing teams at several organizations. He has served as an advisor for start-ups in the Asia-Pacific. From conferences across the globe to business schools and commercial organizations, he has presented his marketing ideas on how to be agile and yet stay in sync in the ever-changing market conditions. Yaagneshwaran is also the marketing manager at Corporater, a leading performance management software solution provider based out of Stavanger, Norway.


What is being in sync? Why do some individuals, corporations, institutions, consulting companies and startups succeed, while others fade away? “Is your marketing in sync or sinking?” is a book that makes you deeply introspective about the marketing principles you are currently pursuing and check if you are really in sync with your organizational goals, customers and reality. Yaagneshwaran Ganesh has based the book on many hours of research, discussions and interviews with successful industry practitioners, business leaders, academic experts, management gurus, consultants and more. ...

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“CAUTION. THIS IS NOT A STEP” This is the warning you will find at the top of most ladders that you can purchase at a home improvement store. The same holds true for the corporate world. There is not step at the top of the corporate ladder. So the question is how does one get to the top? Is it a STEP or a TRAP? Mission, Vision and Bulls#it is the story of Shawn and his perilous, sometimes exciting, and often frustrating journey into the corporate world. Nash has adeptly woven multiple facets of corporate existence into a first class satire that repeatedly has the reader both laughing and nodding in acknowledgment as we experience all these things through the eyes of shawn. I...

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“When Arjun, who had fallen head over heels for his colleague Anita, realizes that she is engaged to his close friend, who knew her by a different name at a different place, hell broke loose.” As Sam Chacko investigates, he ends up uncovering a baffling mystery. He tries hard not to panic and soon understands that when hormones take over the intellect, it can ruin your life.

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