Yadnya Academy Pvt. Ltd.

Parimal Ade, Co-Founder, Yadnya Investments

Parimal has been associated with the financial industry for the last twelve years. His expertise is in Wealth Management, Personal Finance and Retirement Planning space. He has provided Investment Management and Financial Planning services for hundreds of clients in the last eight years. 

Parimal is a proven expert in Personal Finance space with an exceptional track record. He loves imparting his knowledge to others and frequently takes lectures on various topics of Personal Finance. During his lectures and interactions with his clients, he gets various types of questions on personal finance, especially Mutual Funds which he decided to pen into a book.

Gaurav Jain, Co-Founder, Yadnya Investments

Gaurav is an ardent reader of Financial concepts and as a Co-founder of Yadnya, he dedicates most of his time in simplifying Financial concepts for Indian investors. He has conceptualized a popular personal finance YouTube channel ‘Yadnya Investment Academy’ which has more than 200 videos on various personal finance topics. 



108 Questions & Answers on Mutual Funds & SIP

Books by Yadnya Academy Pvt. Ltd.

Have you ever thought of letting your money work for you by being a part of the Indian growth story but the complicated financial jargon, perplexing terms and conditions, dilemma associated with risky investments and too many mutual fund options stopped you! This book provides answers to all such FAQs that an Indian Mutual Funds and SIP investor has. This book will help you understand various types of mutual funds, their comparison

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