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Who is Yaseva? Who is this declaring The Age of Joy? This question would undoubtedly arise in many minds and for good reason, for most wouldn’t really know Yaseva from Adam!


So, I, Yaseva, thought why not bridge this gap in an original and creative way – by revealing the results of a series of personality tests conducted by an online portal that I had taken over the past couple of years, which I dare say is quite accurate! Instead of me telling about myself, an assessment by an ‘artificial intelligence’ would be impartial I believe, sans bias of any sort! Therefore, in the book, a detailed analysis is provided, mentioning my traits, which makes me who I am – inspiring, motivating and enabling me to do what I do, as a techno-cultural socio-spiritual entrepreneur.


Age of Joy

Books by Yaseva

Have you at some time or the other, wondered whether it is ever possible for human civilization to move away from its present inconsistent and jarring ways? Whether the deep-down-desires of human beings will ever get met in a widespread way? If the anxiety, uncertainty and confusion that seem to be the norm of these times, get replaced with rampant and pervasive peace, happiness and joy?

Many feel that the world is progressing, especially with the advan

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