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Yashika Vahi


Yashika Vahi is a writer, poet, painter and entrepreneur. Her hobbies include reading and playing with animals. She believes veganism is the future and hopes to make people take teenagers' mental health more seriously.Read More...

A fairytale in the dark

Books by Yashika Vahi

I don't have hope for us,

but I have hope for me

and that's because of you.

A perfect escape to the kindness and bitterness of love, heartbreak and letting go.

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All my mind

Books by Yashika Vahi

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Books by Yashika Vahi

“I have these whispers in my ears. I see things, and my mind is so full of thoughts that it’s really tough to choose one. It’s just so crowded and… 

I don’t know how to un-crowd it. 

I don’t know how to focus. 

I don’t know what to do.

I can’t think about only one thing, and it makes my head ache.” 

This is a simple story about, amongst other things, a bunch of suicidal teenagers convincing each other su

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