#National Writing Competition

Yash Jindal

Yash Jindal is a thirteen-year-old avid reader who developed an interest in writing at the age of eight. He lives in Gurugram with his loving parents and grandparents, annoying brother and two adorable little guinea pigs. Other than writing, he is passionate about playing the guitar and sketching portraits. He also spends his free time creatively performing magic tricks and doing origami. You can follow him on his blog at https://jindalyashkindacoo.wixsite.com/creative-worldRead More...

Mystical Tales

Books by Yash Jindal

“I barely had time to dive before the explosion occurred, and tossed me into the icy cold and treacherous ocean.”

I was all set for a relaxing weekend on the cruise ‘The Majestic Glider’, a three-decker ship with every single luxury a child might possibly dream or want. But when a storm approached our ship, I got a bad feeling about this vacation.

A fire broke out on the cruise and an explosion tossed me into the ocean, separating me from

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