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Yolanda and John Gonsalves

Yolanda and John Gonsalves are both Wellness Coaches and Therapists in healing arts and holistic practices. They co-founded Shalom Wellness over a decade ago, and are passionate as they take the fun route, inspiring wellness for everyday living.  A Better Life, Let Life Work for You, Joy of Breathing are some of their popular workshops, in addition to a variety of holistic practices and therapies which they call their Wellness Buffet.  They took the plunge of putting years of their personal practice into print. Co-Creating My Life is their first publication. They live in Bangalore, India. FRead More...


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Co-Creating My Life

Books by Yolanda And John Gonsalves

Strengthen your Relationship with Yourself, One Happy Nugget a Day.

This book is an invitation to deliberately co-create your life – one joyful thought at a time. These 366 nuggets are simple, fun, and yet powerful, as they inspire you to better ways of thinking, feeling and living.  They reinforce your own goodness and worthiness, thus raising your vibration. They have been written in a way that holds your attention on pure positive thoughts for as

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