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Zaunty is a certified advanced personal trainer and sports nutrition counselor from one of India’s premier fitness and nutrition institutes. He gained credentials as a Professional Certified Life Coach and a Master Spiritual Coach with the ICF and has also trained in NLP and Hypnotherapy models.

He has shared experiences from his heart, laced with humor and analogies to engage the readers. He has used real life examples from everyday experiences to illustrate new perspectives that people could use to make behavioral changes in their own lives. His clients – who range from corporate executives, business persons to housewives – have experienced weight loss, muscle gain and the ability to cultivate healthy relationships with their lifestyles in the matters of health and fitness. Many have also overcome phobias, reignited lost passions and replaced disempowering habits.

His transformation from an overweight and overworked professional to a professional lifestyle health coach has been an inspiration to one and many for their own fitness journeys. His vision is to empower 108 About The Author and inspire women and men, internationally, to be the best they could be in thought, word and deed.


Zaunty is passionate about sharing the ideas in his books andregularly speaks at conventions and seminars.


What’s Your Excuse

Books by Zaunty

Have you recently made one of these choices?

Planned to start exercise next year, as there is no available time right now Decided to follow your diet plan after festival season, as you eat a lot in holidays Took walks instead of hiring a trainer, as you have already spent too much on vacations

Do these thoughts cross your mind to achieve a healthy and fit body?

Give me a shortcut so that I don’t have to

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