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Zoyab A Kadi

Zoyab A. Kadi is a native of Sidhpur, a Dawoodi Bohra by birth and an architect-academician by profession. He, thus, holds a triple advantage to talk about the heritage of Vohrawaads of Sidhpur in detail. His earlier two works Sidhpur and its Dawoodi Bohra houses and The Vohrawaads of Sidhpur deal with the documentation of the Community’s residential enclaves. Both these works have found a place in many American University Libraries, indicating their value on Far Eastern Studies. His articles on the subject in various architectural and cultural magazines in India, his talks at various foRead More...


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The Birth and Death of a Style

Books by Zoyab A Kadi

The heritage houses of the Dawoodi Bohra Community at Najampura in Sidhpur, Gujarat, have been a subject of many scholarly studies and documentations over the last several decades. It is clearly evident from the design of at least half-a-dozen structures that their builders were familiar with the contemporary European architectural trends at the beginning of the twentieth century. What is delightful about this development is that it occurred in a shy, remote p

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The Vohrawaads of Sidhpur

Books by Zoyab Kadi | Tahaer Zoyab

The heritage houses of Najampura, Sidhpur in north Gujarat, have been a subject of many scholarly studies over the last several decades and, although many inconsistent theories have been put forward regarding the evolution of their vernacular architectural style, all of them have uniformly concluded that the underlying grammar is certainly of European origin. Whereas this by itself is a delightful comparison – considering Sidhpur’s remote location - the po

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