Graphologist & handwriting expert.
Graphologist & handwriting expert.

A language dyslexic shows you how to analyse any language script in the world! Irony is a spark for inquisitive minds. Hi, I am Zubin Vevaina, graphologist since 2005. My advent into graphology started as casual curiosity, quickly turning into a hobby, passion and then a blossoming full-time profession. This fascinating field of study has empowered me with the skill to know, communicate and deal with fellow human beings more effectively. To pass on this power and possibility to you, I have manifested this book from the depths of my experience and trials. When I interact with a stranger, graphRead More...


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My Purple Book of Macro Graphology

Books by Zubin Vevaina

Advantage: You. Does John want to avoid a crowd? Is Mary susceptible to her emotions? Know answers to many more questions about a person just by a 3-second glance at their handwriting. Be it English, Hindi, Arabic or Hebrew, this book will empower you with the skill to know more about a person, discreetly and accurately.

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