"Look at your nails!" she complained. "How the fuck am I supposed to eat Biryani with a spoon?" I expressed my displeasure. "Stop yelling at me," she demanded. We at  বেশি পড়ুন...
249 10 পছন্দ
Bandra-Churchgate Slow!
By Yash Soni in Stories
वो पहली पहली बार किसी को देख मुस्कुराना  किसी की नैनो से खुद को   বেশি পড়ুন...
247 2 পছন্দ
Collage Wali Yadein (कॉलेजवाली यादे )
By Pratik Badjate. in Poetry
                                                                                   This Valentine can be a quintessential o  বেশি পড়ুন...
246 1 পছন্দ
A New Crack Of Dawn
The same flowers, the same people, the same nature will be around you. But everything seems lovely once someone’s love flourishes the love hidden in you.   'This   বেশি পড়ুন...
244 3 পছন্দ
My unusual love story
The echo that hid itself in the heart of desires,Would trouble them often, following them through the years,The regrets would hit them and call them liars,When they   বেশি পড়ুন...
244 10 পছন্দ
Two souls, so fallen.. Then to where ? we'll decide to Forever ! Like a moon belong to the sky, Like a sea belong to the ocean, I'm so happy to be reserved to only f  বেশি পড়ুন...
242 14 পছন্দ
Then to Where to Forever
It’s the summer holidays and I’m obviously at my grandma’s. She’s on her grocery run as of now. Just as I was passing by her bedroom to reach the kitchen, I  বেশি পড়ুন...
240 3 পছন্দ
Open Up
It was a long day for Aditi and Shivam; it was the day of their marriage and all the rituals had them exhausted by the time they got back to their new home. It was a  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Day Zero
By Vishrut Sundararajan in Stories
I love you from afar.I love the way your smile reaches your eyes when something makes you happy.I love the way your long raven hair dances in the breeze.I love the w  বেশি পড়ুন...
238 14 পছন্দ
Love you from afar
If it consoles Our restless souls If it motivates Throughout achieving goals If it heals up incurable wounds If it is melodious when it sounds If it never depends o  বেশি পড়ুন...
235 3 পছন্দ
True Love
The monsoon air was stifling. It had rained all night, but the morning was hotter than ever. Rain can only do so much when its up against a summer in Calcutta. Shubh  বেশি পড়ুন...
235 20 পছন্দ
Fish Fingers
Hamne dekha hai fakat tera ho kar... Tera ho kar bhi tujhse juda ho kar... Samajh li teri mohabbat bhi hamne.. Tere lehje pe tujhse khafa ho kar... Teri qaid me bh  বেশি পড়ুন...
234 4 পছন্দ
Tera ho kar
By Sayyed tayyaba in Poetry
अगर मुझसे प्यार करना खता हैं  तों मैं नहीं कहता तू मुझसे प्यार क  বেশি পড়ুন...
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मैं नहीं कहता
By Shubham Sahu in Poetry
कई बातें थी जो उससे कहनी थी। क्या करूं वो बस एक गलतफहमी।। इक्ती  বেশি পড়ুন...
233 3 পছন্দ
By Divya jain in Poetry
                                                                 The Beauty of My First Love! Every Happiness of yesterday is memor  বেশি পড়ুন...
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The Beauty of My First Love