Your Soul to Paint
By E.L.Blade in Supernatural | Reads: 398 | Likes: 0
Your Soul to Paint She sits in the darkness. The only working fluorescent lamp left in the studio shines blinding white light onto the canvas before her. The smell of paint and turpentine fought a silent war against the wave of pungent smell that fills the back of the room. Stacks of food wrapper an  Read More...
Published on Aug 23,2017 10:20 AM
By E.L.Blade in Supernatural | Reads: 394 | Likes: 0
Leah shifted her weight from foot to foot, her mind at odds as she continued to stare at the rusty door knob. Her petite frame trembled furiously both from fear and the merciless December wind that continued to assault her senses from all directions. Rubbing her gloved-hands together can no longer p  Read More...
Published on Aug 23,2017 10:25 AM
The Huntress and the Wolf
By Ariel Gan in Supernatural | Reads: 1,995 | Likes: 0
THE HUNTRESS AND THE WOLF     Ruby Blackthorn woke up with a start, her body aching all over. She realized two things then: she wasn't lying on her bed, instead on hard soil; second, she was bloody all over. She tried to sit up, but felt a sharp pain on her left arm and moved her othe  Read More...
Published on Aug 31,2017 09:02 AM
Being Twins
By Jenny Chan in Supernatural | Reads: 590 | Likes: 0
"Give it to me," one of the girls cries out. "No, it's mine," the other one says. "You lost yours. This is mine," comes the retort. "No, the one that's lost is yours. Let go of my Princess," her sister screams. I watch from the bottom of the cupboard as they start to pull at the doll. I have a  Read More...
Published on Aug 29,2017 03:45 PM
Angel of Death and the Medic
By Crystal Ng Mun Caeng Blackmascara in Supernatural | Reads: 18,658 | Likes: 0
One of the most powerful trigger to a certain memory is the sense of smell. The smell of freshly cut grass, women perfume, fresh pastry, and most unpleasantly, the smell of death. I spent 11 years working in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and currently working as a ‘Last Responder&rsqu  Read More...
Published on Aug 30,2017 01:22 PM
12th bead round the neck
By Jack Lai in Supernatural | Reads: 892 | Likes: 0
The day was cold. The woman in her eighties inched towards the only window in the room. Shivered in the frigid dawn, she breathed the suffocating stale air which she had enough of. She took a glance through the window - judging from the growing flock of clouds, the snowfall would only be heavier. &l  Read More...
Published on Sep 3,2017 12:25 PM
The Dark Empress
By Shaneen Sophie Gan in Supernatural | Reads: 385 | Likes: 0
There was once a wise and just king who ruled over a kingdom. His kingdom, however merry, was plagued with poverty. Wanting to change the fate of his kingdom, the king set out on a quest with his army to bring back prosperity and wealth. One day, he ventured into a land where its air was foul and da  Read More...
Published on Sep 4,2017 02:37 PM
If You Will Die Tomorrow...
By Chong Beng Wei in Supernatural | Reads: 7,344 | Likes: 0
In his fifteen years of life, Authur could think of nothing he could proudly boast to anyone, not his grade, not an achievement, and certainly not his family’s wealth. Or perhaps, he could try boosting to people that he had seen a spirit, provided that anyone would believe it. &ldquo  Read More...
Published on Sep 5,2017 07:29 AM
Unconditional Love
By Anne Anantom in Supernatural | Reads: 1,763 | Likes: 0
 “Ms. Peggy Lim?” A female voice asked.   “Yes, I am Peggy. How can I assist?”   “This is Joy Pereira from Andrew, Tan & Partners.”  Her voice sounded somber.   “The reason for this call…umm…with deep sadness, our c  Read More...
Published on Sep 7,2017 08:23 PM
By Nur Aliadiba in Supernatural | Reads: 988 | Likes: 0
The train station wasn’t as crowded as it has always been. Especially on a serene morning, it would have been packed with workers rushing to work, pushing past each other and fighting for the same space. Gladfully, there was only her and a beggar at the platform. With the train ticket printe  Read More...
Published on Sep 6,2017 09:27 PM
The Unseen Truth
By Shasmin Roy in Supernatural | Reads: 1,645 | Likes: 0
“Faster! Drive Faster!, “I exclaimed as he complied,stepping on the accelerator.The car moved as fast as lightning and definitely we were moving above the speed limit. With the music pumping as fast and loud as my heartbeat,I felt overjoyed like never before.Finally,I had the freedom I h  Read More...
Published on Sep 7,2017 08:36 PM
Notions of a dream
By Patricia in Supernatural | Reads: 748 | Likes: 0
Mangled.  That was the only word for it.  Aina couldn't understand how it happened. One moment she had been on the bed reading, and the next she was standing next to the highway, looking at a crashed car that was mangled beyond belief. The front was crumpled in, the sides looked like the  Read More...
Published on Sep 8,2017 07:47 PM
The Craving
By Shona Yean in Supernatural | Reads: 312 | Likes: 0
Her hands fisted the fabric of her clothing and twisted the material, knuckles stretching taut and white against tanned skin. Tears pooled in her dark eyes and her heart ached with disappointment... Soon, however, disappointment was eclipsed by rage. How could he do that to her? He had no right!&nbs  Read More...
Published on Sep 9,2017 09:48 PM
You'd Be Okay
By FarahA in Supernatural | Reads: 451 | Likes: 0
I stared at my reflection, my brown eyes scrutinizing every flaws on her face. Her black hair seemed to be getting duller and her lips, were always a bit small. Although her dimple managed to bring out some light to her feature, it was never enough to fill the void in her eyes. She wasn’t ug  Read More...
Published on Sep 10,2017 07:45 PM
The Fallen One
By Savithiammal David in Supernatural | Reads: 2,385 | Likes: 0
My mother once told me that I had something important to do. But the problem is I just do not remember what it is. In fact I can't even remember who I am. All I know is that I am not from Earth.  I remember opening my eye to a strange world. Somewhere familiar but yet I can't remember how I got  Read More...
Published on Sep 13,2017 08:22 PM