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Sometimes, the darkness comes along your thought When you just can’t back up with your thoughts And focus on your feelings, or light it up like dynamites We all   Read More...
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I am angel......but not broken. I am mystery.....but not darker. I am writer.....but not alone. I am shore......but not steady. I am bird.....but not feathers. I am   Read More...
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When I saw u , I was mesmerised. When I see you, I had a crush on you. When you try to hate me, I have reasons to laugh on me. When you smile, I have croquembouche o  Read More...
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When I ! (An Incomplete lovestory)
The race is a sport played in all the seasons Worldwide. The contestants are Love and Livelihood. Livelihood always seems heading Love. The pandemic called a halt to  Read More...
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Love and Livelihood
I hope you have healed and at peace now. I hope you no longer cry yourself to sleep and wake up with a heavy heart.I have a class photo of us in my hands which I fou  Read More...
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To the one I fell out of love with..
To describe u, a challenge diffcult to accept. Just a try, to confess ... Hairs-a black silk that sings, with touch of copper in it. Eyes like almonds, with diamonds  Read More...
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I tried so hard  To stop my heart fluttering over you, but I couldn't  Every time my eyes meet yours, they make a new definition of us Every time I try to avoid yo  Read More...
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I want you
By anushka in Poetry
The most favourite Dream   You are the reason of why heart beats this fast Your presence ring the heart bells Be our love beyond the infinity vast We both remain si  Read More...
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The most favourite dream
Let our hearts dance   Of you remains alive the hope Heart in your beats is deeply soaked Be we wrapped with the eternal lace of Love  Glorifying Lord forever we b  Read More...
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Let our hearts dance
डरता हूँ तुम्हे कहने से कहिं खो भी ना दू ,  वरना ख़्वाबो में तुम्ह  Read More...
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Fear of Loss
                      "सिर्फ तुम"   मैं शायद हूँ,यकीं तुम हो   मेरे चहरे पर   Read More...
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"सिर्फ तुम"
By Lovelesh Bhagat in Poetry
The Glimpse of Paradise   The moments with you are the Bliss Mornings with you are the day's first Kiss In your Arms is wrapped Life’s every romance  Yes.. with   Read More...
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The Glimpse of Paradise
What's life without a little sadness?What's love without a little heartbreak? What would I write about If I hadn't been heartbroken Or ever fallen in love?What wo  Read More...
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What's love without a little heartbreak?
The heart is an instrument! That not only causes ailment, But also plays the beating song! It must not be wrong! My heart beats for love. Not by telling roughs But   Read More...
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The heart for love!
on a coffee date after our first confiding in of our unending love forever to be i'll gift you a coffee mug covered in white charcoal and let the dim lights play the  Read More...
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white charcoal
By Hasrat in Poetry