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“Save me”, were his last words as he bled to death. The sky was as red as his uniform, riddled with holes And he begged and he pleaded through his few, final bre  Read More...
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Save Me
All my lucid dreams, all my passions, all my imaginations,Whatever stirs this human of my name,All are but ministers of Love,And feed this eternal sacred flame.Often  Read More...
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Ministers of Love
No one ever warned me, That a guy with such deep eyesWill be the reason behind A Half-finished poemsTear soaked tissueLost dreams under the dark skyLeft words untou  Read More...
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No one ever warned me
By Apoorva Srivastava in Poetry
mere is pal mein,sath aja Kahi se. Is tute huye Dil ko,aas Bandha ja Kahi se. Tere Jane se Jana h, tere sang beete har. pal k sath nibhana h. Mujhe aj yad aja fir k  Read More...
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Mere is pal mein ...
By shikha in Poetry
When you will be wondering  where she has gone Look over to the time you were fond of,  Letting it go , bit by bit , staring at the empty space. Which way to go? N  Read More...
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Empty Space
By Namrata Raha in Poetry
You and I  Are like the Sun And the Earth.  I am attracted Towards you,  I move around you But At a distance,  Knowing that We can never meet.  Maybe, the Earth  Read More...
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One-sided Love
By Ritika Chowdhary in Poetry
Love doesn't happen at once , It blooms gradually! Like the seed of rose it is gradually seeped, with the water of affection. And it's soil is nourished  with the i  Read More...
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Love doesn't happen at once.
By Farhat Imteyaz in Poetry
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Eli and Ava
Love is the essence of life which drives us to do things passionately. It is the emotion which makes us affectionate to other relations. Our parents, friends, siblin  Read More...
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Importance of love in our life
She was a chirpy, jolly, lively girl in school. "Your laughter is contagious", we friends would let out Whenever she laughed, she laughed out loud. Some friends wo  Read More...
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//SHELLS// "Darkest tunnel leads to light"  "Brightest mornings followed by night" All these sayings seemed a myth  Who shall take her out of this filth, She stoo  Read More...
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By Juhi Sharma in Poetry
Love is a complicated dish to which you only know the name of. Yet that's the very dish everybody craves for. It's so unique and filled with so much magic. There is   Read More...
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Love- A Dish.
By Krithu in Poetry
मासूमियत सी आंखे लिए वो तैयार हुई ऐसे। कुदरत की रफ्तार को भी था  Read More...
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वो आयी कुछ ऐसे
It was late at Night!  I was lying straight over my bed, staring the blue roof light.  Fighting with my mind to stop its shitty stuff It said try harder, it is mor  Read More...
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Oh! That night
By nainshi agrawal in Poetry
“Do you love me?”, he asked, genuflecting in front of her, with a diamond cluster arch ring in a box. December brought with it heavy rains and cold winds; sleet   Read More...
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The Uninterrupted Proposal