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Simran Gangwani

Simran Gangwani from Mumbai, Founder of Corral of Thoughts writing community. She is National & International record holder certified as a co-author from London Books of Records and certified as a solo book author from OMG Books of Records. She has b
Simran Gangwani from Mumbai, Founder of Corral of Thoughts writing community. She is National & International record holder certified as a co-author from London Books of Records and certified as a solo book author from OMG Books of Records. She has b

The founder of Corral of Thoughts is Miss Simran Gangwani, who was born and brought up in Mumbai. She is also the Founder of English Emporium, works as an SEO analyst in one of the Foreign and Indian company, Marketing Manager in IIM Bangalore, Sales Manager in Excelsior company and currently working as a Senior Executive Sales and Marketing Lead Manager in one of the reputed company. All these achievements have been made by her at such a young age of 21 years, gosh! She has been penning for the past 5-6 years. She has been a business entrepreneur for a year. No doubt, she is working day and Read More...


Books by Shivika Sharma

The book "Wishes" is a collection of some wishes which they want to fulfill in their life. This book is beautifully compiled by Shivika Sharma. 

Wish can be for ourselves or someone. It doesn't matter if a wish is small or big all that matters is our interest and the amount of hard work we put in. 

A wish is a hope or desire to get something. It's about "making a wish" or "something you want to fulfill". In order to make you

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Your Words Have Power

Books by Sanjay Naik & Dharshini. M

Your words have power is a book on the power that words have.It is compiled by Sanjay Naik and Dharshini M.

 In the eyes of others, your words determine whether you are good or terrible.Only the words of one can be used to identify them how good that person is.Without words, humans are nothing.

The work of a writer is to arrange the words in such a manner that they leave a great impact on one's life and that's what done in this book.&

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Books by Fatimah Sheikh

"Safar - E - Dosti" is a beautiful book that tells us about how friends are an important part of our life. The compiler of this book is Fatimah Sheikh.

Life is a long and a crazy journey. It is more like a rollercoaster ride. We face many ups & downs in life and despite all of that, our friends are always there besides us. They are not only friends, they are more like a family. 

Whenever we are upset, they are always there to change our mo

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Books by Shweta Sharma & Shivika Sharma

The book "Music" is beautifully compiled by Shivika Sharma and Shweta Sharma. The book tells us about how music emphasise our life.

Music heals a lot of pain and also gives us a feeling of peace. Music has a lot of different kinds of emotions and genres. 

Music makes you feel happy and lightens up your mood. It also leaves a peaceful impact in the listener's mind.

Music has now become an undivided part of everyone's

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Eternal Dream

Books by Akashdeep Shah

The book "Eternal Dream" is beautifully compiled by Akashdeep Shah. The book tells us about the dreams that we never stop dreaming.

Dreams are not always meant to be incomplete. Some people work day and night just for their dreams to come true and achieve them.

People who have worked hard and achieved their dreams have come together to tell you how it feels when your dream comes true and this might also motivate you!


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Radha ke Manmohan

Books by Shivika Sharma & Shweta Sharma

The book "Radha ke Manmohan" is a book beautifully compiled by Shivika Sharma and Shweta Sharma. The book is about the lovestory of Radha and Krishna.

Radha and Krishna is also titled as an ideal couple for a lot of couples out there. 

This book is a collection of stories and poems by a few of the devotees of Radhakrishna.

The love story of Radha and Krishna is most famous and admired. It is also believed that Krishn

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3am : The Knock of Anxiety

Books by Srijita Saha & Parimala Pearl

3am:The knock of anxiety is a book complied by Srijata Saha and parimala pearl. Anxiety is something that has reached to every people nowadays atleast once. Anxiety is now become a barrier in our mental health and effect it so much. A person can't concentrate properly in something because anxiety make us down at that level. Anxiety is something that happens when you all are alone. It fill your mind with full of negative thoughts and gradually lack the positivi

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First Date With Your Love

Books by Akash Barik

The book "First Date With Love" is a beautiful collection of experiences of their first date in form of stories and poems. 

This anthology is beautifully compiled by Akash Barik and Sneha Kumari. 

The book is about  love and feels a couple has during their first date. 

The first date is always in our hearts and we remember it forever so few people came up to share their first date in the form of poems or st

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Family Love

Books by Shweta Sharma

The anthology "Family Love" deeply tells us about the love of a family. The compiler of this book is Shweta Sharma. A family is someone who is there with us in our good and tough times as well. 

We often go through various situations in our life. Some situations are bearable while some are really difficult to handle. No matter how dark the times are, you will always have that one thing besides you and it's name is "Family".

The love of a f

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When Love Lasts

Books by Devadhi Patel & Simran Gangwani

When love lasts is a book compiled by Devadhi patel and simran Gangwani. This anthology basically tells about the most special and unbreakable bond of love. Love is what makes a feel person special, make people happy. Love is not just about carrying a relationship it is about how much you feel for that person. It's an unexpressable bond, which merely defines in words. It's a about the feel one can have. One of the purest bond to cherish and loved. Love is feel

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Poetry Beyond Everything

Books by Kritika Sharma

The book "Poetry Beyond Everything" is beautifully compiled by Kritika Sharma. The book tells us about the magic of the pen.

There are different ways people find peace and there are people who find peace in words. Can you imagine just writing your feelings gives relief?

The title itself explains the importance of poetry in writer's life. Poetry shows different shades of a human being.

Poetry has a lot of emotions and help

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You yourself are a precious gem

Books by Pallawi

The book "You yourself a precious gem" is beautifully compiled by Pallawi. The book focuses on self-love.

Self-love is the most important love you will ever need because if you don't love yourself, no one else will, and neither will you be able to love others!

Be proud of who you are and not ashamed of how someone else sees you because at the end of the day the only person who stays is you!

Put yourself at the top of your

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Voice of Silenced Souls

Books by Sasmita Rani Biswal & Mrutyunjaya Jani

The book "Voice of Silenced Souls" is beautifully compiled by Sasmita Rani Biswal and Mrutyunjaya Jani.

The book tells us about the people who keep their points of view or emotions to themselves.

No matter how strong you are there's always a point in your life where you need to talk to someone and keeping things to yourself doesn't work at that point of the time.

Nobody knows or will know what is going on in your mind unl

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The Hidden Hero

Books by Mohit Satwani & Drushti Gyanchandani

The book "Hidden Hero" is beautifully compiled by Mohit Satwani. The book tells us about that one person who is always there for us.

This person who doesn't want any credit or attention for anything he/she does but wants everyone to be happy.

We all have that one person in our lives who is always there for us and never wants credit for it. No matter what they do for you they always deserve to be appreciated for making a change in your

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Abysso Vitae

Books by Rahamatthunnisha Ummar

The book "Abysso Vitae" is beautifully compiled by Rahamatthunnisha Ummar. The book tells us about the reality of life.

Life is not just limited to a certain phase. Everyone goes through different phases at different times. 

You will go through breakdowns, Self Discovery and a lot more phases. Remember every phase will make you stronger and when you look back you will be proud of yourself that you overcame the phase.

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Blooming Nights

Books by Rose Mallick

The anthology"Blooming Nights" tells us that it is not only the night that arrives, it brings a lot of things with it. The compiler of this book is Rose Mallick. 

There are nights that are painful. There are nights that bring together so many thoughts and questions in our mind. There are nights that do not have a answer to our question, they do not have the solution to our doubts. 

But, not all nights are the same. There are nights th

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Books by Debasmita Ghosh & Supriya Jha

The book "Philocaly" tells us about the beauty of love. The compilers for this book are Debasmita Ghosh and Supriya Jha.

Love is not only a feeling, it's an emotion. It's meaning is infinite. Love is sometimes one - sided and sometimes two. Expensive gifts and money cannot buy love neither the beauty of it. 

It is something that is expressed by actions and when it is pure love, it seems even more beautiful than ever. It is something that c

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Books by Shivangi Jaiswal

The book "Zikr-e-mohabbat" is beautifully compiled by Shivangi Jaiswal. The book tells us about how love is expressed.

No one teaches us the language of love or how to express love because there is no fixed language of love or way to express love.

Love has a different language and emotion that a person comes to know only when he/she falls in love with someone.

There are so many love stories we've heard but no real love st

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Unanimously Yours

Books by Mohammed Niyaz & Ka. Parina Sri

The book "Unanimously Yours" is beautifully compiled by Mohammed Niyaz and KA Parini Sri. The book tells us about that one person who always stands by our side no matter what.

There are people who come into your life and promise to stay forever but fail to keep the promise and then there are people who promise to stay and never leave no matter what happens.

It doesn't matter what you are going through but that one person will always b

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24 * 7

Books by Gaytri Manchanda & Priyanka Chawla

24*7 is a book that describes every human emotion and the whole routine of human life. It describes the human life how the routine works how human changes from time to time and what all different stages come in their life. At every different stage how does a human reacts and how he needs to react.

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Ek Ummid

Books by Shweta Sharma & Shivika Sharma

The book "Ek Ummid" is a beautiful book compiled by Shivika Sharma and Shweta Sharma. The book motivates you to work hard with the hope that you will fulfill your dream. 

Life is a race and there are times when you fall but there are important reasons that push you to stand again to join the race. 

Hope to conquer your dream. Life depends on hope. The day you stop hoping from the life you can't go ahead because there's nothi

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Friendship : A Boon

Books by Laxmi Dixit

The book: Friendship: A Boon is a beautiful bond between Friends, which is happily compiled by Laxmi Dixit.

Friends are of many types, some friends are just friends, some are best buddies and some are family too.

Our compiler and co-author express their ideas and feelings about friendship and a special bond between friends,

Some friends are Hii Hello friends whom with we only meet and go, some are whom with we share our day and some are

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Aesthetic Silence of Dark

Books by Srijita Saha & Mohammed Niyaz

The book "Aesthetic Silence of Dark" is a book beautifully compiled by Srijita Saha and Mohammad Niyaz. The book is about the rough phases of a person's life.

Every person has to go through dark and hard phase in their life. Every phase makes you stronger.

No matter how many times a person falls, he will always come back stronger. Life is hard but beautiful!

This book inspires you to stand and fight in the hard times.

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Books by Shivika Sharma & Shweta Sharma

The book "Takdeer" is beautifully compiled by Shivika Sharma and Shweta Sharma. The book tells us about the magic of takdeer.

There are a lot of people who believe in destiny. People often say that everything depends on destiny. 

Takdeer is so powerful that it can change one's life in unexpected ways and no one can change it.

Writers from all over the world have come together in this anthology to talk about their vie

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365 days in my pocket

Books by Debangana Dutta

The book "365 days in my pocket" is a beautiful book compiled by Debangana Dutta. The book is about how people manage their time.

Time management has been a problem for a maximum of us but here are stories and poems of people who have managed time pretty well.

This book might be an inspiration for everyone who fails to manage time. Doing everything you've planned at the start of a year as per the time frame needs a lot of hard work.

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After All Yours

Books by Ka. Parina Sri & Mohammed Niyaz

The Anthology "After All Yours" beautifully describes the love of that one constant person in our life. The Compilers of this book are KA Parina Sri and Mohammed Niyaz.

Love is not only a feeling but an emotion. It is something that cannot be purchased from a store. Love cannot be seen but when it is true and full of purity, it can be definitely felt. Even if you're surrounded by many people in your life, there will be that one person in your life who

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Lines From Heart

Books by Mohammed Niyaz & Ka. Parina Sri

Lines from the heart is an anthology compiled by Mohammed Niyaz and KA Parinaa Sri.

 The words we speak and write are a reflection of our intellect and emotions.

Although it is difficult to write the words that our hearts desire as it is mixed feelings that cannot be said and explained.

 Making it possible, writers from all over the world have come together to pour their hearts out in this book through their wonderful and love

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Books by सूरज रेवणकर

दानवा - द रॉयल स्टोरी।

पुस्तक शाही कहानी पर आधारित है और वास्तविक जीवन की कहानी दर्शाती है। यह पुस्तक स्पष्ट रूप से मनुष्य के सच्चे जीवन से संबंधित है। दानवा सभी बच्चों और वयस

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Dusk Till Dawn

Books by Simran Gangwani

Dusk till dawn

 A journey of miles yet to walk is an anthology compiled by simran gangwani. Life is a name of unending journeys. Some of the journeys may have good impact on our life which motivates us to grow more and some of them taught us how to improve ourselves and take lessons from every chapter of life. There are various things that happens throughout the journey of life. It may relates to how we dreamt of this or it may be completely

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Twinkling Verses

Books by Pooja Gautam

Twinkling verses is a book compiled by pooja gautam.In this anthology writers have written down their feelings which go off and on with the time. They May remain same or may not be. Time plays a very crucial role in our lives it's very critical according to time more or less we all become change. It's just the matter of instant, time have a greater value in our lives which we always appreciate it. We must utilise the time we have now at present at it's fullest

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Some Untold Emotions

Books by Simran Gangwani & Shivika Sharma

Some untold emotions, when written in a paper, are way easier than framing it in form of poems and stories knowing the fact that there will be people reading those! The book "Some Untold Emotions" is a beautiful collection of feelings in the form of poems and stories and is beautifully compiled by Simran Gangwani and Shivika Sharma. 

Everyone has an emotion that can't be shared even with the closest person in our lives. It's okay to have an untold

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Books by Supriya Jha & Simran Gangwani

The book "Supermoms" is beautifully compiled by Supriya Jha and Simran Gangwani. The book tells us about the mother, the mom. 

Mothers are one of the most giving people in our lives. The constant support we get from her and the way she cares for us deserves a standing ovation. 

She is the one who gives us a chance to live this beautiful life. No one can care for you the way a mother does.

Writers from all over t

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Khwaab - Ek Hakikat

Books by Shivika Sharma & Shweta Sharma

The beauty " Khwaab: Ek Hakikat" is an amazing treasure box which contains some beautiful and awesome creativities which is compiled by two compilers: Shivika Sharma & Shweta Sharma.

Our compilers and co-authors have put their heart out in this beauty which tells us about their truthful dreams. We all have a dream which we want to make it real.

Dream to fulfill our needs, dreams to make parents happy and proud, dreams to become successful.

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My Hero : My Dad

Books by Sneha Kumari

The book My Hero: My Dad, is an awesome creation about a child's first and last hero his/her father, which is beautifully compiled by Sneha Kumari.

The writers have portrayed their love and respect for their father in form of poems and stories.

Father is the pillar of strength of a family. All we say that Mother's love is priceless but we all know father's love is unconditional.

Father is not just a word it's an emotion.

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Books by Simran Gangwani

The book "Festivities" is an amazing collection of happiness that comes with festivals. It is expressed in form of stories and poems. It is beautifully compiled by Simran Gangwani. 

India is a diverse nation. India being a multi-culture, multi-religious country, celebrates various festivals of each religion.

Every festival has a history of its own and is celebrated traditionally. With every festival comes laughter, joy, and great

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1am: The Knock of anxiety

Books by Gaytri Manchanda

This book is based on human emotions. The emotions which disturbed or makes human happy at night times. 

It is hard to describe feelings for every person so people hide their true feelings.

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The Untold Story

Books by Palak Chouhan

She was 6 when her parents left. There was nobody to take care of her. She was alone but,  then her father's brother and his wife helped her and had taken up all the responsibilities of her.
She had a brother with which she lived happily but one day everything changed. Her mother's behaviour towards her had also changed. She had no friends. She always used to be sad all the time. Once she made a friend but after her friend betrayed her, she never made

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Words Deep As Ocean

Books by Srishti Jha

This book is written by Srishti Jha. The solo book Author, she exclaimed every human feelings and different relations in this book. The book contains the Poems related to love, heartbreak, social issues, nature, patriotic, motivational .... 

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You're Awesome Dad

Books by Simran Gangwani

Dad is someone who never cries in front of anyone but in alone he is the real human in himself itself. If ever you doubt on his love just say him Dad I need this thing e is the person he will sacrifice his wishes and give you all those things what you demanded for. HIs love means sacrificing his own wishes and giving his family the best future and present. 

This is unique and special anthology for fathers day special day. If you ever want to gift

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Scribbled Diary

Books by Simran Gangwani

Scribbled Diary is the book solely based on mixture of writeups written by Author Simran Gangwani 

She specified every kind of writeup in this book.

Girl's life, Broken heart life, Best relation life, Parental love. All different types of love and every feeling she has shared with us in this book.

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Most Precious Jewel - Mother

Books by Simran Gangwani & Shikha Narvariya

Our moms are our superheroes and biggest supporters, but we usually don’t tell them enough how much they’re appreciated. On her special day, tell your mom how much she means to you with these heartwarming messages about motherhood, whether she’s new to the role or has a lifetime of memories raising children. Mother’s Day is the special time of year when you get to celebrate your first best friend and the person you always turn to when y

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Our Wishlist

Books by Supriya Jha

We all have so many wishes and dreams and we also made our Wishlist. We love to complete our wishes and want to fulfil our every dream. This book is for those who love their dreams and want to make their dreams come true and inspire you all with their beautiful write-ups. 

Writers from all over the nation came together to pen down all their pending dreams and wishes which they want to fulfill. 

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Mom you're my best friend

Books by Simran Gangwani

Our moms are our superheroes and biggest supporters, but we usually don’t tell them enough how much they’re appreciated. On her special day, tell your mom how much she means to you with these heartwarming messages about motherhood, whether she’s new to the role or has a lifetime of memories raising children. Mother’s Day is the special time of year when you get to celebrate your first best friend and the person you always turn to when y

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Tongue-Tied Love

Books by Simran Gangwani

One-sided love is considered the purest form of love. In this anthology, all the co-authors shared their feelings and immense love to their loved ones. True feelings are just detached from our lives, not from our hearts. Every one-sided lover who loves his/ her lover deeply penned their romance.
This anthology reveals every lover remains true whether it is one-sided or lost love.

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Word Knot

Books by Chahat Bajaj

Collection of concealed sentiments this book drills through the different emotions, phases, hidden truths we all go through. Eighty different writers have presented poetry in such a way which will compel you to relate it in thousands of different ways. 


-Chahat Bajaj

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His Struggle

Books by Simran Gangwani & Deepanshi Khatri

Everyone face struggle in their lives and everyone accepts it, some as fete and some as luck but anyhow one need to accept it . The struggle is faced by every individual in a sphere of life but it depends on the perception of the individual how he deals with it . This anthology is compiled by Simran Gangwani & Deepanshi Khatri and many writers from all over the nation have contributed their special piece to dedicate the male life. This book will change the con

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Brother : Best Supporter

Books by Simran Gangwani & Ishani Sinha

Unless and until we don't see a miracle with our own eyes, we won't believe it. But, that doesn't mean there's no magic in it. Love for brother are somewhat like that, we can never see them caring but they care, we can never see them protecting but they are always there, we can never see them loving as we are always busy in fighting. But that's the best way to express the love between us. A brother plays the role of a caring father, a crazy friend, the best gu

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The Most Annoying One

Books by Shreya Talashilkar

You don't get a chance to choose your mom dad sister brother inshort family comes by birth but Friends is the thing you choose for yourself. Some are the best but some are annoying as hell and those annoying are known as your Best Friend. Here is a Anthology where you will experience some of the best stories about Friendship.

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Never Ending Footsteps

Books by Bheemparam Kishore & Akash Barik

Everyone love to travel at different places everytime. NEVER ENDING FOOTSTEPS is a book which contains all the unique travelling experiences of all the writers who got connected for the book not only National but International writers. They penned down all the unforgettable memories of their solo or group trips which made their life more adventurous and more thrilling in many different ways.

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Mitrata: Ek Gehra Satya

Books by Akash Barik

Friendship has many faces. a friend helps us in many different ways, we never know how and where he/she supports us. Always for our good future and good career. All we need to do is respect the person who plays a major role in our life after our mom & dad and shows the right path. 

Always respect the friend and the values thought by them. Somewhere it will always be useful in our life

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She is King

Books by Deepanshi Khatri

She is king is a book which revolves around the female section of society. Beautiful and sentimental poems, quotes, open letters described the struggle of being a girl in different ways. This book laid emphasis on why every time it's a girl who has to compromise and do not have control over her life, this book aims at changing people's perception on a broader scale so that they can respect female section and do not harass them for being a girl. 

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Broken Without You

Books by Ishani Smriti Sinha

A compassionate feeling that binds two pure souls in a bond of relationship that has no name but of love. 
Have you ever thought? if love is the feeling that keeps the bonds strong between every relationship. Then why it's incompleteness refers to only lovers broken heart? This book is for every broken relationship hearts through the ink of feeling !.

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Save The Date

Books by Shreya Talashilkar

Save The Date 

Sometimes it's birthday sometimes it's valentine's day sometimes it's a day when two souls became one forever. There is always a special day in everyone's life which they cherish for lifetime. In this book you will experience some of those happy moments in the Co-author's life which they've expressed in words soo beautifully. This book is compiled by Shreya Talashilkar. 

Which is the date you want to Save?

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The Lost Gem

Books by Simran Gangwani

The lost gem is a unique book where all the writers from different part of India came together under one book and penned down their all feelings, emotions and the eternal love for their loved ones. Where they know they can't receive the love back as its one-sided. Just to hide immense feelings for anyone is not that easy for anyone just we need to have patience always. Because in love matters we are never sure if the opposite person is attracted towards us or

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Books by Simran Gangwani & Abhilash Sharma

This book is based on a community which is not widely accepted by our society , the main motive behind the book is to give a tribute to the community and breakthrough the chain and try to support them in uplifting their life's as well as get the respect which they deserve .. 
Tribute To LGBTQ+ is a book where writers from all over the country joined together to raise their voices for one of the most serious social topic ..
Taking an initiative for

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Power of 3rd Eye: Shiva

Books by Simran Gangwani

Shiva: Devo Ke Dev 
The Lord who is the father of all gods and our Earth. Who treats the humans and devils all equal. Calm and compose till the third eye opens. He has no beginning and no end too. Even after drinking poison, he is immortal he has conquered death.

Viswanatha, Mahadeva, Mahandeo, Mahasu, Mahesha, Maheshvara, Shankara, Shambhu, Rudra, Hara, Trilochana, Devendra, Neelakanta, Subhankara, Trilokinatha, Ghrneshwar, Shiva - represents

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Why to kill girl child?

By Simran Gangwani in Poetry | Reads: 100 | Likes: 0

Abla jeevan haye tumhari yeh dardnak kahani Aanchal mei hai dudh aur aankhon se behta pani Hua beta toh dhol bajaya  Hui beti toh matam chaya ! Aisa kyun karte hai hum ? Thora darte kyun nahi hum? Hatya kyun kar dete hain garb mein uski  Chikh unsuni kyun karte hai masoom ki Dosh uska hai kya, k  Read More...

Published on Feb 20,2021 02:12 AM

Story of our journey

By Simran Gangwani in Stories | Reads: 78 | Likes: 0

Long back ago carrying a dream in her heart to be a literature artist but her parents refused to it by saying there is no scope in this field. with a broken heart she continued with her studies but hiding from her parents she used to write and started growing herself in this field. But she lost inne  Read More...

Published on Feb 20,2021 02:08 AM

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