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Lines From Heart

Author Name: Mohammed Niyaz & Ka. Parina Sri | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Lines from the heart is an anthology compiled by Mohammed Niyaz and KA Parinaa Sri.

 The words we speak and write are a reflection of our intellect and emotions.

Although it is difficult to write the words that our hearts desire as it is mixed feelings that cannot be said and explained.

 Making it possible, writers from all over the world have come together to pour their hearts out in this book through their wonderful and lovely words.

Lines from the heart is a mixed feeling of emotions you feel, observe and see.

One can easily read and understand somebody's heart with this book.

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Mohammed Niyaz & Ka. Parina Sri

Mohammad Niaz, a resident of Mayanagari Mumbai, is a drop-out engineering student. In the world of poetry, he made his step in the year 2013. Many of his poetry entertains a lot on Facebook and Instagram. He wants to become a writer in the future. You can follow him on Facebook (Mohammed Niyaz) and Instagram (niyazsks).

KA. Parinasri is a passionate writer from Chennai. Writing makes her pressure go away. She believes anyone could hurt, but her companion so-called Books can never hurt. She would like to thank her parents and her Loveable Brother for supporting her rather than stopping her from what she wanted to do! For being the main reason for achieving her dreams. As well as standing beside her in all the ups and downs.



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