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When we met again, Our eyes filled with tears As we could not say anything.. How words that turn into flowers  are so scattered today.. How quickly the pages of our  Read More...
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Colour of love
I love you  Not more than my ambition Not more than myself  Not more than love between us  Not more than the gift of making love  But  More than my attitude and  Read More...
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I love you
By Uttamsrinivas in Poetry
The heart is an instrument! That not only causes ailment, But also plays the beating song! It must not be wrong! My heart beats for love. Not by telling roughs But   Read More...
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The heart for love!
First Love Woe is the woman, who sells her soul for love, Woe is the woman, whose love knows not her soul, Where all her tears are equal to sand, Sand that has no h  Read More...
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First Love
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Finding love would be easy  For all those who want it short and cheesy  But, the one who wants true love Has to drop his expectations first I know it is hard to fi  Read More...
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Love without expectations
By Chirag Jhajharia in Poetry
PUISSANCE OF TRANSCENDENTAL LOVE The most ineffable form of love in the Cosmos, that could perdure even after the apocalypse of the entire world.  Unbounded, Unendi  Read More...
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स्वप्न दिया जल गया हमारा खंड खंड कर टूट चुका था......... पूर्ण हुआ है  Read More...
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प्रेम जीवन
                                                                                   This Valentine can be a quintessential o 
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A New Crack Of Dawn
‘23 Side Lower’ he reconfirmed his seat on the reservation chart pasted outside the train compartment. He boarded the coach and entered the third AC compartment   Read More...
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A Date On Wheels
There may be shine, There may be dark,   There may be odds There may be evens   There may be storm And sometimes it may be rain   I aint hold up time, And i aint   Read More...
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Shine and darkness
By murtaza bhatia in Poetry
Certainty  Uncertainty  Ton of confusing thoughts So many messages exchanged  Late night calls and chilling out at malls And yet the unanswered question . Do you  Read More...
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Do you promise to love me ?
By sadiya sultana in Poetry
Had I known love's blindness,  Its utter confusing helplessness, Its tenacious hold on my heart, Its acts of tearing me apart, Its senseless need to sacrifice, Its   Read More...
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Had I known
By Jumana Quilonwala in Poetry
"Look at your nails!" she complained. "How the fuck am I supposed to eat Biryani with a spoon?" I expressed my displeasure. "Stop yelling at me," she demanded. We at  Read More...
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Bandra-Churchgate Slow!
By Yash Soni in Stories
It took me a lot of time to realize that love stories are not always like Jane Austen books. Nor every love story is as exciting as Pride and Prejudice. Sometimes it  Read More...
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Not Love But Death