I was waiting for you, To confess my love to you.It was all decorated around me,Decorated our favourite place with all your choice.It was your selected theme.I bough  Read More...
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Not even a Goodbye
By oReo in Poetry
Moments gathered and created a passage of time, Winds breathed through the dust at the altars of the past. I stood by the Oracle of Gods in victory and in defeat, Ca  Read More...
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Reincarnation of Love
Love me like the rain Take away all my pain Love me like the drops of rain Love each other  And together fill the ocean  Love me like the rain Without Rhyme or rea  Read More...
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Love me like the rain
तू इश्क है रंग गुलाल सा, तू इश्क है ठंडी छाँव सा, तू इश्क है दरिया   Read More...
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तू इश्क है
डरता हूँ तुम्हे कहने से कहिं खो भी ना दू ,  वरना ख़्वाबो में तुम्ह  Read More...
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Fear of Loss
Dedicated to my grandchildren: Jai, Misha, Shiv, Nikita, Avishay & Aisha(twins),and Syan.   LOVEBIRDS Divine hope in despair;  love is worship, love is prayer.    Read More...
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Women cannot be made to order. Life is not a rhyming poem. Everyone and everything is flawed . Just like this unrhyming piece. Love me for who I am, with my imperfec  Read More...
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Only love
By Pooja in Poetry
I got miracles this yearAll the fairies lighting my wayI got you this yearBrought sunshine yellows, in my greysI was wearing my silly pink jacketWhen I saw you for t  Read More...
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The Best Part
I do not miss those long chats, I miss that expressive silence. I do not miss holding hands, I miss that comforting existence. I do not miss roses and chocolates. I  Read More...
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Us and we
It's when I walked away from you that I found... That my love for you is very profound... I do not need you to be around, I do not even need to hear from you, a soun  Read More...
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My Love For You!
Transient ligature gnawed my perching reverie, Trenchant overwrought crowded precarious thundery  when your radiant ambience smouldered untouched crevices,  Permea  Read More...
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By Mohua Chakraborty in Poetry
The Memory Tree “When I was in my early 30s, I was asked what I collected. My watch is from Std VIII, wardrobe is gifted, cell phone is company's and no vehicle ye  Read More...
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The Memory Tree
If tomorrow starts without me,  do not wallow in grief,  always remember, I loved you,  and now your two favourite eyes have  forever gone to sleep.  If tomorr  Read More...
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If tomorrow starts without me.
Hoping that at least, God Would've noticed the love I had for him But little did I know  Neither of them noticed the love! The sick love Which bonded me to death, E  Read More...
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Unrequited love
By Revathi Jayasankar in Poetry
Science states that when time stands still, all of light and sound disappear. There would be no movement, there would be no measurement, everything would be engulfe  Read More...
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By Sai Roopa in Stories