Tu dur hai isiliye to Teri yaad aayi hai Najdik tha jab tu mere Tab bas meri jaan me jaan aayi hai   Tu pass nahi to meri Meri jaan se jaan nikali ja rahi hai Ab   Read More...
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By Dipali Nakade in Poetry
Little did I expect you bringing out the best in me And no, not what this tired and delusional world needs The mystery that you hold in your eyes, gives me a rush to  Read More...
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Mysterious Eyes
He came to her life like a milkweed fluff floating in air...gently placed himself on her heart... The heart that could only beat, now sings lullaby to make him sleep  Read More...
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Match made in heavenly earth
By Uthara in Poetry
I know it will, probably soon enough, and when it is I’ll hold you in my arms, so close to me. In those short moments, I’d love you with all I can and kiss away   Read More...
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When this is over. - (To the long distance lovers)
Let us elope one more time And start it all-over again. I'll wait you by the alleys  Where you left me once. Turn on the ironbox of our old love And iron that baggy  Read More...
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Love is best served old school
Helloo guys....We have all been asked to love everyone and everything from childhood itself.This was the first lesson our parents taught us. Irrespective of all the   Read More...
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Two men with my heart
By Uthara in Stories
So common is the plightWe are in the bed with blankets tightWe cannot do, we cannot shareWe see, but we cannot adhere.Such is the tyrannyThey speak, They complainToo  Read More...
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The echo that hid itself in the heart of desires,Would trouble them often, following them through the years,The regrets would hit them and call them liars,When they   Read More...
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The most beautiful destination this heart ever traveled to,  was you.   Read More...
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A fervent rendezvous
The crooked branches tell us tales Of scorching heat And windful winter Unyielding trunk and scathed leafs. Willfully pouring over the sense of resistance Sitting un  Read More...
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The grey pallor
When I have so much to say,    But all I manage to do is just smile,    You're my home, when I look into your eyes,    You make that moment worthwhile,   And   Read More...
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By Oindrila Das in Poetry
                                  Forgiveness Restores Peace Relationship                               
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This conspiracy of a love We hold as a secret in the stronghold of our hearts I now want to scream it out loud That this magical person I've once encountered I can n  Read More...
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Conspiracy of a love
By Suzanna in Poetry
Would it be alright if I know all your Darkest Secrets and all your lightest Tears? Can I know them?  Would it be alright if I make you smile and hold you for a whi  Read More...
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She will love you, The way Moon loves the beauty of DAR
By Mukti in Poetry
Our wedding day was not sashed with fancy halls and giggling strangers. The walls were not taped with stale flowers sprinkled with expensive perfumes. The empty spac  Read More...
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Wedding Day
By Isha Adhikari in Poetry