लफ़्ज़ों में नहीं मिलता, ये बस प्यारा एहसास होता है                 Read More...
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जब दो दिल मिलते है
We are sharing the same sky then why are there differences in our life’s? Because one side of world there is day and other side it’s night. The distance and boun  Read More...
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Love beyond boundaries
Honey dripping from the turned wood, on the pinkish purple of the petal, the weight coercing it into a soft bounce drop falling on the wet earth. Hair twirled around  Read More...
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By thryaksha in Poetry
Treasured Memories of love The startling medley of songs assort  Ensorcelled my bizarre consort  Aborning eloquent inundated artistry deeper Shifting my penumbra   Read More...
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Treasured Memories of Love
By in Poetry
"Mom, you are not serious"  "No, I'm, continue. What happened next?" She says tossing the pancake onto the pan. "Caught it!" She screams  "Mom, I am so sorry Tara,  Read More...
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I don't believe in love
I was lost in the darkest Alley. I called for help but  No one could lend their Heart to hear my cry, my call. I cried and slept and woke with A gentle touch of wa  Read More...
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My True Friend
You got me grinning, Ear to ear, without a fear. I feel like my end is near. But your voice just cools my fear, Don't you disappear, Never to reappear. Caus' this gr  Read More...
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By Stephanie Philip in Poetry
Even today they sell similar handkerchieves in a three- pack on the street. I see them when I go to the market, and smoke gets in my eyes. I must have been around si  Read More...
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The Big Importance of Little Things
Makeup Artist --------------------‐-----   Your love cleansed my eyes, Replaced the secret sorrows of lies, It seems it acted as collyrium, As my sight caught you  Read More...
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Makeup Artist
By Madhumita Singh in Poetry
Love is about being patient with each other.  Love is about showing love and care to each other.  Even when you are fighting with each other.  Love is about waiti  Read More...
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Love is about ❤️
By Musfira in Poetry
I remember you! I remember good in you. How we met, And how we chat. Those giggles in the first meeting, Those little warmth in greetings. I remember how you made m  Read More...
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Dear Bygone Love
Donno why... I smile for no reason! Donno why... I feel warm this rainy season! Are you the reason? Or... Is it an illusion? I was unaffected when a thunder struck   Read More...
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I Just Fell In Love All Over Again
The first place you exchange words, Can't help but feel awkward. The first place you see her smile, Is somewhere away in miles. The first place you feel loved, Sudde  Read More...
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That Place
By Siddhesh Shimpukade in Poetry
They call it quarantine... But, have you heard my heart whine..? I have been in isolation... Ever since you gifted your desolation! A war against the minuscule on t  Read More...
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Cries of Quarantine
"when you blink do you create a snapshot for the times we had together?"  Read More...
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