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World went down

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The world went down, When I heard you are in Town. Although, Memories were fresh and alive, I restrained myself from diving. Sun going down, And you sitting by my side I remember it last,  when we went for a drive. You left with words unsaid, "It's over" is what the note said Today, once again   Read More...

Published on Feb 26,2021 08:17 PM


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I was tensed, and a bit confused. Why? Well, the reason was that I was on my first official date with a girl. Sounds too weird for a 22-year-old to be on a first date? but that's the fact. I sat there sipping my cold coffee which was the only company for the time being. I looked around just to see i  Read More...

Published on Feb 26,2021 11:20 AM


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I met her by chance in an inter-college fest and that was the moment her smile got imprinted in my mind. Somehow I found her on social media platforms and we had a chat before I asked her to attend a party being thrown by our college. Although she had plans, she said "I will try". I had little hopes  Read More...

Published on Feb 26,2021 10:53 AM

The night before

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Candles have something magical about them. Either they create suspense or they create Romance. In my case, the latter was much more prominent. Candle Light helps in comforting two people meeting for the first time and help in relaxing the air of hesitation around them. I sat there staring at her, a  Read More...

Published on Feb 26,2021 10:50 AM

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