Is it love, when , the one you love, can't feel your love? Is it love, when, you can hear his thoughts, before they become words. Feel his heart beat in yours. When,  आणखी वाचा...
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Is it Love
By Pooja in Poetry
If he proposes lifetime imprisonment in his love; Then I merrily become his  jailbird wearing  wedding handcuffs.   आणखी वाचा...
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Imprisonment of love
Walls The Society High  Who Shunned The Stranger ,  Concurrently, Walls The Society High  Who Forced To Marry A Stranger !!! Asked To Put On A Veil And Was Raped  आणखी वाचा...
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Why Let Them Define Your Worth ??
By shehrebanu in Poetry
थोड़ा सा पागल होगा वो थोड़ा सयाना होगा  लेकिन वो सिर्फ मेरा ही द  आणखी वाचा...
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मेरे सपनों का हमसफर
By Reeta pradhan in Poetry
Sparkling waiting eyes, Glancing smile faking the cries.A sacred soul,Waiting for the day to fall.For the night to come, Where she can weep alone.All behind the shu  आणखी वाचा...
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Behind the shut windows
By shekhar singh in Poetry
A Loved One This Valentine’s day is special, It’s the year I realized First and foremost,  I deserve my own love. That to be and feel loved, Doesn’t requi  आणखी वाचा...
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A Loved One
By Archana in Poetry
I wish I could freeze this moment, The moment of we together, Hugging each other tight, While breathing heavily in the cold winter night. Hoping no barrier could tou  आणखी वाचा...
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By Dipshikha Mohanty in Poetry
के वख्त की दहलीज पर रुका हुआ मेरा दिल फिर से मुड़ गया किसी अनजाने   आणखी वाचा...
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मेरा दिल
By Nilesh in Poetry
पहली श्वांस भरी थी मैंने तेरी ही कोख में जो तू मुझे छोड़ गई मर जाउ  आणखी वाचा...
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Seasons of Love In the Spring of our lives, Our love was exciting and new, As the snow starts to melt, Our love will always stay true. In the Summer of our lives,   आणखी वाचा...
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Seasons of Love
मैं राज़ भी तुम्हारा  मैं हमराज भी तुम्हारा  तुम भय से मुक्त हो   आणखी वाचा...
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मैं तुम्हारा हूं
More you dive in, the more you find. Answers to your questionnaire, the Universe has already defined.That's the magic of science.  आणखी वाचा...
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✨ Magic of science
Life starts where Loves come.    Love is something complicated between Two truthful heart  It is something that makes you more beautiful  Love is not something  आणखी वाचा...
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By Irfana in Poetry
पूछते फिरते हो जो अब सबसे उसका पता,  जब वो पास थी तुम्हारे, दिया थ  आणखी वाचा...
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By prachiagra11@gmail.com in Poetry
As a true lover  I will not say you some shallow words  but I will give you my deep silence   I will not a assure you to love you  even after death or till the   आणखी वाचा...
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Limit of my love
By Meena Kaushal in Poetry