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5000 years back A timeless conversation

Author Name: Neetika Maheshwari Kasat | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details

An interesting conversation between two friends which is based on 5000 year old coversation between Krishna and Arjuna from India epic Mahabharata. It is agreed by many well renowned scholars of the world, that if one can understand and live Gita, rest all is immaterial. Book is an attempt to translate the teachings of Gita in today’s realm with an aim of connecting today’s youth to the age old life principles and with the true knowledge of the entire universe. This divine knowledge is timeless- it held true millions of year back and is true even today! All 18 chapters have condensed the entire truth of the universe and presented beautifully in a simple conversational form between two teenage friends! Settings and dialogues connect to a large extent with today's youth.

When a deadly boxing game is about to begin, the story makes the most unexpected turn , putting a lot on stake!

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Neetika Maheshwari Kasat

Author has a few professional qualifications and is running a international corporate advisory business. Having spent more than a decade in USA, author has further firmed her believes in old age Indian teachings, Gita shlokas and other valuable treasure of knowledge. Now staying in Hyderabad with her family, is trying to learn more on ancient sanatana values, culture and heritage.

A strong believer in our ancient scriptures, this is her humble attempt to translate the Krishna teachings into a light teenage conversational book. She loves reading to her son and other children. Author is a strong believer in vedic astrology and committed to perform any services for benefits of the society while guiding people by way of Jyotish. One has to go through miseries if taken birth on this planet but mankind needs to understand the science behind karmas and make this journey a contented one, even while walking on the path of thorns.

From her birth city, Ujjain to having seen both western and material side of the world, having achieved material success and even earned a reputation of one of the successful entrepreneurs, author is inclined to spend more and more time diving into the ocean of vast ancient knowledge which helps in finding ones true self. 

Quite enthusiastic towards life, her interest range from philanthropic to start ups, reading Bhagwad Gita to playing golf and guitar. A nature and animal lover by heart is committed to Lord Krishna's teachings.

Got inspiration from her teenage son Samatva - especially when one day during the readings, he asked - Mom, can you make it bit more interesting for me? And thats how the idea was incepted.



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