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A Campaign for India narratives from an IAS aspirant

Author Name: Arun Maari Rajha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

The book takes us through an intriguing journey of the following 10 insightful questions being addressed:

Who kills your Job Satisfaction?

What is the best ever Gift that you can give?

Whose choice is it to turn this country into a Developed Nation?

Is Gold investment a golden enough choice?

Is there a best way to whiten the Black money?

Can the Market efficiently drive CSR?

How do we save our Unorganized segment of merchants?

How can we guarantee a Fair Recruitment system?

Are Labour Unions relevant today?

Why cultivate Patriotism? and How?


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Arun Maari Rajha

An engineer by training, the author Arun Maari Rajha desired a career as an IAS officer. In the course of preparing for the nation’s highly competitive exam Civil Services Examination, having plunged deep into a single subject (Economics) that fascinated him, he decided to give up his IAS dream in the favour of dedicating his broad attention to Economics and related disciplines like Public policy, International trade, Finance, etc.

At this point, he contemplates the economics perspective of everything that causes misery in a common man's life, with thoughts more into exploring the scope for action (that goes coherent with our current constitutional model) for a common man to solve his problems and this book is an eventual outcome.


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