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A Leaf in the Whirlwind

Author Name: Shivasharan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A tragedy is the most powerful experience in life - as powerful as it is devastating. However, reading a tragedy book has the benefit of experiencing the tragedy without having to endure
the devastating consequences.

The story is a fictional tragedy drama set in the backdrop of a rooted village from the southern part of India. The book revolves around the character ‘Rama’, who is unabashedly put through difficult times in his life. But he goes on finding his own ways to live a jubilant life until his death. Along with the life of Rama, the story explores the imprint he leaves on the people who lived with him, however small or large it is. The story explores the vagaries of a relinquished life, that is Rama, on the canvas of an inadvertent life.

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This is the author’s first book. However, he is not new to writing. He has blogs where his short stories (in English) and poems (in Kannada) get published. The author is a good reader and a great listener, and he credits these two factors as the source of all the stories that stem from him. Being a Software Engineer by profession, the author carries his thirst for novelty even in his writings. His first book, "A Leaf in the Whirlwind", is a sincere attempt towards the same.