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A New Earth: Growth for Humanity

Author Name: Mandeep Bachheta | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

We all yearn for a world where peace, love, harmony, abundance, kindness, and compassion are the norms.
Don't you believe that we all deserve a better, new world than what we see around us based on these ideals?
If the answer is ‘Yes’ and you have a deep-rooted desire to transform yourself, and your life as well as be part of a movement to create a new world based upon these higher values, then this book is for you!
A New Earth: Growth for Humanity talks about understanding ourselves and the world around us as consciousness, as a form of energy. It helps us make sense of what is happening in the world today and what we can all do in our day-to-day lives in a peaceful, graceful yet powerful way to not only transform our lives but also to create a New Earth, a new world that never sees another human suffer.
This book addresses how humanity moving together in unison, aligned to a future vision of a world with peace, love, harmony, and abundance for all, has immense power to manifest a transformed new world.
This book is one of a kind read that must not be missed!

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Mandeep Bachheta

Mandeep Bachheta is a married mum who grew up in the northeast of England before moving to Hyderabad, India. Since leaving the hectic pace of the corporate world in 2017, she has been on a journey of self-discovery. It was during deep meditation that she started to tap into a higher consciousness, which allowed the flow of words for this book to come through. During her journey, she experienced who we are at our essence. She realised what steps we can take to build a better world around us. She believes that each and every one of us has the power to help create a new world – a world with peace, love, harmony, and abundance for all.

Mandeep can be contacted at thechakratriangle@gmail.com.