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A Ray of Sunshine

by Seema Bhati

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

‘A Ray of Sunshine’ is about young Mehr’s tumultuous journey through childhood and adolescence. Born in an affluent family she is the apple of her father, Mr. Govind Bhasin’s eye. Despite this she is the target of abuse. She is unable to convey her plight to anyone. The novel revolves around Mehr’s life, her insecurities, her dilemmas and her desperate attempt to do what is right.

After passing out from school she goes to a girls’ residential college where her friends prove to be her support system. In times of confusion she funds an anchor and ally in sister Margarita.

The story unravels quaint incidents from the girls’ lives. Is Mehr able to find a firm footing under the eagle eye of the nuns?

Is she able to maintain her mental sanity? Does she emerge victorious or does her dark past overshadow her present?



A Ray of Sunshine





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