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A Woodpecker's Guide to Manhood Dhanvantri's Revision

by Varun Shah

Format: Paperback

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There is a poem in every man, that unearths a responsibility.

In the rhythm of the heart you will see,

a place of eternal reality.

In time you will come close to it,

to seek it is to unearth this pleasentry,

In time it will be revealed.

The story, in history

A poem or a pleasentry, it is yet to be known

realize and you will know.

Varun Shah is a poet, musician. That resides in the town of Mumbai, where is currently completing his Bachelors degree.

He is seeks to work in the Music profession, where he can develop his own rags based on our current understanding.

Dhanvantri's escapade is his first work, that is a collection or a sum of work's that he has developed over his lifetime and experience.



A Woodpecker's Guide to Manhood





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